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SAMSON is a 3 month old black German Shepherd puppy.  He was brought in to a very high volume, high kill shelter with severe injuries to his face.  Starved, emaciated and dehydrated, Samson needed help.  His nose is broken, one nostril missing, and the other nostril twisted out of position.  One of his eyes is scraped and burned and his baby teeth are broken.  Although we do not know what happened to Samson, one guess is that he was either hit by or thrown from a car.  Samson is recovering in our rescue, but will need reconstructive surgery to his face.  He needs to have this done so that he can breathe normally.  Will you please consider helping us help Samson?  His surgery and rehabilitation will be expensive, but we think he's worth it.  When you meet him you will know why.  Samson is a loving, sweet puppy.  He deserves a good life.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE "DONATE NOW" PAW AT THE RIGHT TO HELP SAMSON Arrow1

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