About Us

PET MATCH RESCUE, INC. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) volunteer rescue organization committed to saving and protecting the lives of at-risk of euthanasia, stray, and abandoned dogs and puppies. With compassionate care and technical ability, we rehabilitate these deserving rescues by providing proper shelter, diets, training, grooming, socialization, spay/neutering and medical treatment. Our goal is to provide rescues with what they need to get what they deserve…adoption into permanent suitable loving homes.

Based in Newport Beach, we serve Orange County and nearby surrounding counties.

P.O. Box 12613
Newport Beach, CA 92658

President & Founder

Animals are all different, each with a special little soul yearning to be understood and loved.  I have been a pet owner since childhood and can’t remember a time without a furry friend close by.  Enjoying the silent communication and companionship of animals is a wonderful thing.  My journey into pet rescue began with volunteering at a local shelter several days a week, which I did for a few years.  Although walking dogs, bathing, cleaning, and providing socialization for the shelter animals was fulfilling, I wanted to do more for them.  I began volunteering for pet rescue organizations that worked with the shelter before deciding that I wanted to start my own.  With the help of business partner and friend, Linda, Pet Match Rescue, Inc. became a reality.  Our rescue targets animals located in high kill shelters, as well as ones that have medical issues related to trauma.  Our main selection criteria is a good temperament.  Most of the animals found in shelters are victims of negligence, or are just plain unlucky.  We try to dispel the notion that rescued animals must have something wrong with them.  Although this is sometimes the case, in our experience it is simply poor circumstance that lands an animal in a shelter.  We try hard to find these deserving dogs a better life in a home well matched for their individual personality and needs.

Luke & Jackie
Pet Match Volunteers

Luke and Jackie have been a part of Pet Match Rescue since the beginning. They volunteer during Pet Match adoption events setting up, tearing down, making sure the dogs get a much-needed potty break, and anything else in between.  They also run the Facebook and Twitter pages to keep the Pet Match Fans and Followers updated with the latest pictures of dogs and cats available for adoption. We love to see our fans get involved with “Likes” and comments and see photo updates from former rescues. “Monday” isn’t just a day of the week at the Bohline’s house, it is the name of their adorable Westie-Poo! Monday has helped the Bohlines foster many Pet Match rescue dogs who have found loving forever homes. She always welcomes new foster playmates and helps bring shy rescues out of their shells. For those who need a little extra TLC, Monday helps them learn how to walk on a leash and even how to play with toys.

Pam & Allen
Pet Match Fosters

We love fostering for Pet Match Rescue!  Having lost our family pet of 12 years, Buddy, last year we missed having a dog but were not sure we were ready to adopt.  In stepped Pet Match Rescue and offered us an opportunity to foster two adorable pups Oreo and Cookie.  The foster coordinators made sure we had everything needed to take care of the dogs and we provided the love, which was so easy and fun.  Pet Match Rescue really cares about the pets and their foster homes and it shows.  If you are looking to foster a pet or possibly give one a forever home you can trust Pet Match Rescue.

Pet Match Foster

“The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Fostering”  People always ask, so I’ll share that with Pet Match Rescue the shortest stay of a foster was 2 days and the longest that I know of was 6 months.  Pet Match Rescue accurately advertizes that their average stay for a foster is 3 weeks. All Pet Match Rescue dogs come from shelters with very high euthanasia rates.  We often know little about the animal’s history beyond what we observe from their appearance and behavior.  What all these animals have in common is a need.  They need rescuing; they are need love; they need care.  As a foster, I fulfill that need and in return I live with the purest love possible, the love of a dog for its loving human.  For me the very best thing about being a foster is the fulfillment I get from seeing the joy of an animal and their new forever family when the animal is adopted.  People always ask me, “How can you let them go?”  In some ways, I have trouble understanding the question.  As a foster, our commitment is to take in an animal to live with us, to love them and accept their love and help them with whatever they need to be ready to be adopted.  That means both letting them into my heart and letting them move on.  I have to admit, sometimes I cry.  But most often, miraculously, shortly after I decide the animal has reached a place where they are ready to go live with an adopting family, an application comes in that is perfect and I share the joy of that new family over their new pet.  I feel the immense satisfaction of knowing that I helped this animal reach the point of being adoptable.  Then I move on to the next animal whose love and need immediately fills the hole in my heart left by the animal that has moved on.  How is the Pet Match Rescue foster program different from some foster programs?   For me a major plus is that the foster coordinators make a valiant attempt to match the animal you are asked to foster with the foster family’s preferences and capabilities and will always listen.  I have called and said “This dog is just not working out in my home because ….”, and the situation has always been resolved to my satisfaction.  Another difference is that I do not have to review and evaluate applications myself, but I do get to meet the applicants for my foster dog at the adoption events.  I feel that my opinion and insights about the dog and the applicants are valued and taken into account when the application review process occurs. As a foster you agree to bring your foster dog to the weekly adoption events.  You may choose to stay and help with the event or drop your foster off and return at 3 PM to collect them.  So what is the Ugly?  You know, I fell in love with the idea of that title when asked to write this article but I really can’t think of a single ugly thing about fostering.  It has brought a joy to my life that was missing and I wouldn’t stop for the world!

Pet Match Foster

Amanda began fostering for Pet Match Rescue in August 2011, and has been a constant presence ever since.  She usually has a foster dog, in addition to her two Bichon mixes.  She loves helping at the adoption events and interacting with the dogs and people.  She has fostered 11 dogs so far and wishes she could do more for stray, discarded and abused animals.  Amanda loves showing her fosters how great a dog’s life can be, by providing a loving and balanced environment.   She gets a little attached to her foster dogs, but knows they are going to wonderful homes that are hand-picked by Pet MatchRescue.  It’s easier to let them go, knowing they will be pampered and loved in their new homes.  She keeps in contact with a lot of former fosters, as seeing them thrive in their new homes is the best reward.  Amanda lives in Santa Ana with her two Bichon mixes, Tilly & Chowder.  She works for City of Hope Hospital in Duarte where her specialty is Clinical Documentation and Informatics.

Richard & Phyllis
Pet Match Fosters

Hi, my name is Tilly. I’m the very special mommy dog who can tell you all about how Richard and Phyllis became fosters for Pet Match Rescue. They were looking for someone to keep their very old dog, (Pacho), company. So they checked out several nonprofit rescue groups for a pal. After a home check and a little paper work a dog named Ashley became their first foster.  Pacho liked her so much that he agreed to let them foster some puppies. Richard and Phyllis were so impressed with the Pet Match set-up (medical, supplies, and basic support group) that they inquired about puppies. Yep, that was a long time ago. I came to live with them towing seven puppies. Those pups all got wonderful homes pretty soon. But I stayed for awhile longer to help potty train a couple of other pups who didn’t come with a mom. You see, Pet Match Rescue believes in finding the right match for every little foster. They found the right match for me too. I’m in my forever home, but I bet Richard and Phyllis will be fostering for a long time to come.


Pet Match Foster

My name is Vicki and this cutie in my arms is Muppet. Muppet is one of the many little lives saved through Pet Match Rescue. Being a foster is one of the most rewarding “ministries” I have taken on. I know that God cares for every little creature and says that not one sparrow falls that He is not aware of. The translation for “falls” actually means “falls into His lap”. I get so much joy in caring for these dogs. When they come out of the shelters they can be a little shaken up but with love and care they “come alive” and start acting like the happy dogs they were meant to be. I hope to help bring awareness of the wonderful dogs ready for a loving home that desperately need saving.  I tell everyone please try to rescue and not support the sales of pets in the pet stores.  Julie and Linda are wonderful at what they do in getting the pets to the right homes and they do it with such kindness and grace.  Spread the word, adopt, foster, and donate so many more animals can be placed in loving homes.


Pet Match Foster


Pet Match Foster

Mary & Jerry

Pet Match Fosters


Pet Match Foster

Chris & Annchalee

Pet Match Fosters