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How Do I Make My Ferret Not Stink?

Ferret is a very popular pet and maintaining it does require a lot of effort. But if you want to get your ferret rid of the typical strong smell then here are a few things that will tell you why they smell and what all you can be doing in order to prevent your ferret… Read More »

Do Rabbits Like To Be Brushed?

When we discuss the grooming of rabbits, then they are the creatures that are a little bit complex and hard. As a reason, they are a delicate type and soft creators. One needs to take good care of them and especially on their health. If you have a rabbit that has long hairs, then it… Read More »


Scout was brought in as an emergency, wounded badly from a hit and run.  His back leg was dangling, he was peeing blood and he was in shock.  Scout is stable now and needs surgery to fix his broken leg.  He will require several weeks of intensive care and several months of recovery and rehabilitation.… Read More »